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Chiswell Green Dental Specialists

"I have used Jimmy's services for reporting CBCTs for my endodontic procedures since 2018. Jimmy’s service has been outstanding. His reports are very comprehensive and punctual. I highly recommend Jimmy Makdissi for reporting CBCT scans."
Dr Claudio Peru

North Cardiff Dental & Implants

"Those of you that know Jimmy Makdissi know what a gent he is. I have had the pleasure of meeting and sitting with him at an ADI dinner at a previous Congress and he is such a nice bloke. But today... I submitted a CBCT via www.jm-radiology.co.uk for a report because I was worried about something suspicious in a sinus. Not only did Jimmy quickly turned around a predictably thorough report, he also got a colleague's opinion on a complicated case and took the time to phone me to discuss it. In a world where we are all busy and on a treadmill I was blown away with how lucky I am to have such a generous, knowledgeable colleague. Thank you Jimmy."
Dr Aly Virani

South Wales Oral Surgery

"Massive respect for the service provided by Dr Jimmy Makdissi of JM Radiology. I did a CBCT on Friday for a dental implant assessment and didn't like the look of something on it so I wanted to get it reported by a maxillofacial radiology consultant. Uploaded the CBCT to his site on Friday evening expecting it to take a week or two to get a report. But less than 48 hours later I received the report! And his reporting fees were so reasonable. My suspicions were confirmed, something is not right so an urgent referral to my awesome OMFS colleagues is on the cards for first thing this week. Fantastic service! Simply amazing effort."
Dr Craig Mallorie

Yorkshire Dental Suite

"Simply amazing... All I can say about the Radiology services provided by Dr Makdissi. The level of service and the knowledge are exceptional. I highly recommend my colleagues to send all their scans/radiographs to Jimmy for reporting. Well done Jimmy and the team."

Dr Abdul Dalghous


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