How To

  1. Log in
  2. Click Request a New Report
  3. Enter the patients Name and DOB
  4. Present the Clinical Indications (why the scan was taken)
  5. If you have specific queries to put to the Radiologist, please enter those details in the Question to Radiologist box.
  6. Enter the date the scan was taken
  7. Enter the size of the scan taken (5 x 5/8 x 5/8 x 8/>8 x 8) (please do not worry if you are unsure of this, the scan is measured and priced upon reception)
  8. Dicom Zip File: here you must upload the scan itself. Please be aware that it must be a zipped DICOM file (the system will not accept a .rar file, only a .zip file) or a jpeg/pano file for a radiograph. Click Select once the scan had uploaded and had a green tick on the thumbnail, Click Save.
  9. Click Submit Report.
  10. You can login and Un-Submit the report at any stage, prior to it being approved, to amend any details.
  11. You will receive an automated email notifying you of report approval prompting you to log in and view the report at your own convenience.
  12. You will be able to generate a pdf of the report.

Export my scan to DICOM

Automatically stores in Axial Slice in DICOM, they must export as DICOM and not jpeg, for example. Both Instrumentarium and Gendex utilise Invivo 3D rendering software.

Invivo provides three options for saving. Each type differs in the size of the saved file and its compatibility with other software.

  1. Choosing File – ‘Save As’ for any file will present a dialogue box. 
  2. Choose Multi File DICOM with DICOMDCR and click ‘ok’
  3. Click File – ‘Save As’, browse the area you want to save it in (documents/desktop), name the file, and click ‘Save’
  4. A dialog box will pop up, select the default “FULL” option. This will save everything without losing any data


For general queries please use the email below:


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